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As we navigate our awareness through the layers of fear and misperception that obscure our Essence, we touch the Heart—the True Self. As we learn to assimilate this experience of Heart directly into our body, without contracting in fear or resistance, we begin to know and feel authentically who we are. As we learn to share this Authenticity of Heart with one another...this is tenderness...this is intimacy...this is community. This is the path of psychological and spiritual awakening.

Contrary to what we may feel, believe, or have been told by others, we are not suffering from any inherent woundedness or dysfunction. We are not broken and nothing is wrong with us. The work of Integrative Awakening fully supports a paradigm shift—from seeing our emotional and life challenges as problems or pathologies, to experiencing them as symptoms of awakening and transformational opportunities. This is a welcome shift from victimhood to conscious and empowered living!

In this time of accelerated evolution, we are being invited to embrace, feel and take full responsibility for the unresolved emotional issues and misperceptions that affect our health, our relationships and our life. We do not have a problem, dysfunction or pathology to heal or eradicate, we have an opportunity to evolve. We are sensing a collective evolutionary call...an invitation to leave the domain of stress and fear and experience the undefended newness and intimacy of the Awakening Heart and Body!

Psychospiritual Integrative Awakening offers a revolutionary and creative approach to transformation. By using a precision enfoldment sequence or map of awakening, one's feeling awareness is skillfully guided into the precise areas of the body and psyche where love, understanding and integration are most needed for nourishment, vitality and awakening. Supportive facilitation is offered for embracing the ground reality and complete validity of our human feelings, needs and desires, as well as for opening into a direct, authentic, feeling-experience of the Heart (True Intimacy / Union with Self / Soul integration). This is the authentic Relationship, Intimacy and Connection we are seeking!

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"I am a physician trained in
Emergency Medicine,
Acupuncture, Nutrition and
Mind Body Medicine. My work
with Neil Cohen over the last
8 months has been very
valuable to me. Neil creates
a safe and sacred space that
allows the people he works
with to trust that going
deeper into their psyche is
rich and valuable."
- Richard Steinberg M.D.,
Teaching faculty for the
Center for Mind Body
Medicine and The Seven
Bowls School of Nutrition,
Nourishment and Healing.